Awaken your Senses, Deepen your Love of Life!

We've titled this retreat "A Feast for the Senses" because Hawaii is the quintessential opportunity of immersion in pure sensing, free from the distraction of daily routines...

Think on this... How often of you rush through your meals without even tasting your food?  How often do you hear without really listening?  How often do you actually feel the warm breeze caressing your skin?

Our lives are a busy, constant stream of input competing for our attention; in the end we become overloaded and numb ourselves until we are noticing only a fraction of the world around us.  Through our yoga and meditation practices and awe-inspiring adventures, we will learn to taste the richness of what fuels not only our bodies but also our spirits.  Each day's practices and activities will be dedicated to a sense or to the integration of sensory input into our lives, shifting our awareness into a new depth of experience.  As you awaken to the magnificence of what your external senses can bring, your ability to tune within can open you to an exceptional sense of your True Self.  Pratyahara, the withdrawal of the senses, becomes a new way of sensing the truth of who you are, distinct from the relative beauty or difficulty in your external world.  Through practical applications on retreat and take-home practices, this new awareness can transform your ordinary life into something truly extraordinary.

For more information about what is included in your retreat, look below or click on Retreat Details.  For more information on how we will explore our Selves and the island, click on Schedule.  Aloha!


September 30-October 7, 2012 at Kalani Oceanside Retreat with Halli Bourne and Marisa Wolfe

Your oceanside retreat includes:
• twice-daily mixed-level Kripalu yoga and meditation practices to guide you into bliss;
• beautiful, relaxing lodging;
• nutritious and delicious meals;
• guided excursions to some of the islands most spectacular spots - lava tubes, inland lakes, beaches, waterfalls, and/or inlet hangouts for turtles and snorkeling, as well as organized adventures on and off the water showcasing the traditions and sport of Hawaii
• access to Kalani’s 120 acres of tropical gardens and local black sand beaches where you can wile away the day, basking in the sights, sounds, smells of paradise...

Pricing for double occupancy lodge rooms is just $1595, other housing/pricing options are available from camping to oceanview cottages.

The nature of Kripalu Yoga & Meditation is to follow prana, or lifeforce, into sensation as postures and awareness changes, a perfect foundation to fully appreciate active lava fields, wade through tide pools and watch the play of dolphins.  Halli and Marisa share their passion for how yoga enhances physical, mental and emotional levels of being.  They establish safety for their students through their extensive knowledge and experience in order to facilitate each individual's exploration and discovery of joy and profound relaxation.